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21 Jan 2016

Newly Formed Advisory Board

Snaile announces its newly formed Advisory Board. Snaile welcomes to the team Mr. John Callan, Mr. Elmar Toime, Mr. Patrick Bartlett and Mr. Robert Zukowski-Konopka. Bios can be found on our ABOUT US page.


19 Jan 2016

Snaile Invited to Speak at POST-EXPO Hong Kong Conference

Snaile announces that its CEO, Patrick Armstrong, has been asked to participate at POST-EXPO Hong Kong 2016 Conference in May 2016. Snaile will be displaying its notification technology in the POST-EXPO’s Live Innovation Showcase POST-EXPO Hong Kong boast 3,500+ people attending each year from more than 90 countries


7 Jan 2016

Snaile Invited to Speak at Postal Vision 2020/6.0

Snaile announces that its CEO, Patrick Armstrong, has been asked to speak in a B2Me panel at PostalVision2020/6.0 in Pentagon City VA March 15-16, 2016. Since 2011, PostalVision2020 has been engaging stakeholders from all across the postal platform and beyond in a critical conversation about what future generations should have in the way of Postal Services.


29 Oct 2015

Snaile Offers Users Notification Whenever Mail is Present in Their Mailbox

Snaile, Inc. (pronounced “Snailee”) is proud to announce the presale launch of their new snail mail notification technology with an official launch date of January 2016. Installed directly into an owner’s Canada Post community mailbox (CMB), the service alerts users when mail is physically present. The simple and easy-to-install device simplifies the physical verification process whenever mail is added to the box. Download Press Release here