Mailbox Security

SnailGUARD detects when there is (or is not) something inside the passive mailbox/parcel locker

Passive mailboxes and parcel lockers are inherently at risk of theft due to their unsupervised and around the clock locations and the fact that thieves can hit multiple households for mail theft in one quick and easy manner. There are two main factors that are going to contribute to the rise in mailbox theft:

1.  The rise of parcel shipments due to ecommerce trends which will drive up the value of what a thief can find inside a mailbox/parcel locker

2.  Postal Operators trend to use mailboxes and parcel lockers to decrease last mile costs.

SnailGUARD can help secure & deter theft from these boxes with door monitoring (i.e. Master Panel), video to the Cloud and tilt/vibration sensors to prevent vandalism.



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